Frequently asked Questions

Answer: Our company’s quota is limited to 50 vehicles per month.
We sell 35 cars for delivery, 15 cars for self-delivery, so if you or your representatives wish to come personally for a car, specify a free date for arrival and sign up in advance.

Answer: You cannot do this, you are not a participant in the auction where cars are bought from official dealers and leasing companies.

Answer: No, according to the privacy policy, data about our clients is not public.

Answer: There are no public sites, all offers are individualized for each participant.

Answer: All vehicles are fully tested by qualified specialists with many years of experience, according to the contract for the supply of a vehicle, we guarantee the delivery of a car without accidents and colors.

Answer: In any convenient way, in any convenient currency, even cryptocurrency.

Answer: The main condition for the sale of a car at an auction should be its export outside Germany and the European Union.

Answer: Yes, of course, there are no legal restrictions.

Answer: Manheim Deutschland.

Answer: Specify individually for each car.

Answer: A contract for the supply of a vehicle from our company.

On our resources, our contacts Telegram, WhatsApp are listed everywhere.

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